It is a great way to take the seven vows and commitments of a lifetime and making the occasion a most splendid one. The essence of royalty with traditions, culture, rituals and hospitality offered in Rajasthan is incomparable with any other destination around the globe. Making dream wedding like yesteryears kings and queens into a reality the various palace and luxurious hotels in this princely state of India qualifies it into a perfect Royal Indian Wedding in Rajasthan.

A wide array of locations to choose from as the venue is available for the wedding in Rajasthan. Some of the most popular & favourites among the couple’s are places like Jaipur – The Pink City, Jodhpur – The Blue City, Udaipur – The Venice of East, Jaisalmer – The Golden City, Mandawa – The city of Havelis and apart from these bright cities, some of the magnificent forts and palaces of Rajasthan that are today commonly used as wedding venues are Devigarh, Neemrana, Deogarh, Samode, Sariska Palace and Chomu Palace are a great combination with old fashioned hospitality and modern comforts making them ideal venues for marriages.

Wedding day is the most awaited day for everybody’s life, making this special day an unforgettable celebration we provide with the personalized and innovative wedding services. People from various corners of the world come to the incredible India to tie their knots in the most lavish and regal way and what better place it could be to have a great Indian wedding other than in the Royal Rajasthan. It certainly is one of the best suited destinations in the world to have an ultimate wedding in the well preserved palaces and forts with grandeur and glitz providing a fairytale wedding that one can cherish throughout their lives.

Sagai to Vidai : The marriage commences with the groom's party proceeding to the main entrance gate of the Hotel where the groom is made to sit on a decorated horse. The "barat" (marriage procession) thereafter is led into the Hotel by a group of animators comprising a brass band, dancers, "kachi ghodi" (mock horse), fire eaters etc. Small colourful fireworks take place Enroute and the groom's family are encouraged to participate in this funfare. On arrival at the venue, the bride's father/and family members receive the groom and his family with a lot of ritualistic fanfare.

The groom touches the Thoran (an auspicious decoration) on the door made of green leaves & flowers with his sword. Thereafter the "Kalash worship" (the auspicious pitchers) is done after which the bride's family greets the groom's family with arti, garland and tikas (ceremonial welcome) and escorts them into the venue where the serving staff attired in traditional Rajasthani costumes serve a welcome drink. While sipping the drink the "milani" (family greetings) is done wherein the two family's counterpart relations warmly greet and hug each other.

Thereafter, the "Pandit" (priest) announces the commencement of the marriage ceremony and the bride and groom sit in the mandap. The family members are invited to witness the ceremony which comprises Indian customs like a ring ceremony, "pooja" (prayers), and chanting of "mantras" (religious hyms). The "varmala" (exchange of garlands by the bride and groom) follows after which the final "saptadi or pheras" (seven rounds) are done around the vedi (holy fire). All these rituals are basically vows of "being together unto death".

Types of Wedding Games : Some common wedding games are hiding the shoes, Pillow talk, fishing the Ring and Unknot knotted string.

Hiding the Shoes : In every Hindu wedding, the groom is directed to remove his shoes prior to entering the mandap, where holy rituals are performed. The bride’s sister or the maids accompanying her, on finding suitable moment, grab the groom’s shoes and hide them. After the marriage ceremony, groom’s sister-in-law or maids demand a ransom amount from the groom to return the shoes. In this sweet prank, bargaining and negotiations happen between them and the deal is finalized at a handsome amount.

Pillow Talk : Regarding this game, the recently married couple is made to sit back to back. A pillow is held between them by a third person and then, both bride and groom are asked questions about each other. The answers to these questions are replied, not by speaking but by nodding the head. Providing ample of fun and laughter to everyone around, Pillow Talk checks the compatibility between the couple.

Fishing the Ring : In this, the couple is made to sit facing each other and with a bowl of milk in front of them. A ring is dropped in the bowl and the newly weds are asked to find the ring. Whoever gets the ring first is declared as the winner. As per the beliefs, the winner of the game rules the roost for the entire life.

Unknot Knotted String : This game had been practiced to forecast the future relationship of the couple. Knotted string is a kind of bracelet tied on the hands of, both the bride and the groom. In this too, fun and frolic becomes part of the sight. The couple tries to unknot the complex knots of the string by using one hand.

Choosing the Caterer : Indian Weddings are known for food, feast and fun. To throw a grand feast, the couples and their families have to decide a fantastic menu including mouth watering cuisines. Previously the family of the bride was entrusted with the task of arranging for the menu and other things related with dinning but in recent times the caterers has emerged as a facilitators arranging food for weddings . So think deliberately before choosing the caterer.

Flower Decoration : A wedding ceremony without flower decoration is incomplete. Wedding flower decorations can be of different types. One can go in for a beautiful center piece or a large arch, keeping in mind the need of the wedding place. One can use one's own creativity and make a unique flower decoration for the wedding ceremony. The fact that has to be taken care of is that the flower decoration should be complimenting the rest of the wedding decorations.

Shopping Guide : Shopping guide is must as shopping without it would become difficult. One needs to buy a lot of essential things for a wedding. If you don't have a shopping guide, there are chances certain things could be missed. Shopping for wedding should be done carefully. It is advised to shop in advance to avoid the hurry as you get close to the wedding day. One can follow a shopping guide as it would be helpful for wedding shopping.

Wedding Budget : Every couple getting married would want an extravagant and grand occasion on the day. However what happens after marriage is as important as the day itself. That is when the wedding budget comes into play. Many people spend lavishly for the occasion and later regret the unnecessary expenditure. It is very important to create a wedding budget which will help you control the expenditure during this period.

We are here to guide you with the details about your wedding budget.

Based on the size of the wedding budget the ceremony can be made as grand as possible. The largest expenditure when it comes to the special day is the hall, or the place where the ceremony is to take place. If the occasion is to take place in a city, the hall can be a problem. Not only will they come in very expensive packages but it would not be as perfect as you imagines. For this reason a marriage located conveniently outside the city is the best choice. This will allow you to reduce the expenditure on the hall bookings and improve other areas such as food and decoration.

Marriages in India can be of very different types and so the wedding budget can range from small to large. A normal wedding with capacity of fewer than five hundred people can be arranged in under two lakh rupees, whereas a grand wedding can up to crores of rupees.

The wedding budget will allow you to systemize the spending and work accordingly. It is remarkable to note how efficiently a marriage can be arranged if it has a strict wedding budget and an effective mechanism to bring it into effect

Wedding Invitation Card : The Wedding invitation card reflects the emotions and the style of wedding that would take place. An invitation card could change the mood of the guests for attending the wedding. If the card is not attractive enough it surely won't draw the guests to the wedding. So it is necessary to get a good wedding invitation card. The wedding invitation cards could be of various types to suit the wedding to its best.

Wedding Music : A wedding ceremony in India is incomplete without music and songs. An Indian wedding comprises of a variety of rituals and there is a separate piece of music or song for every occasion. Energy, enthusiasm and fun are all blended together in the celebration with the wedding music. In the olden days the relatives and friends of the hosts used to create music and sing various songs. In today's modern wedding professional wedding music performers are hired. But the magic of wedding music still remains the same for the olden and new days.

Other Services :

  • Professional Photography & Video Shooting
  • Invitation Card Distribution.
  • Arrival & Departure Transfers.
  • Fireworks & Crackers.
  • Rajasthani cultural troops, western Groups with D.J Lights & Sound
  • Theme based decoration.
  • Honeymoon packages for new Couple.
  • Arrangement of Celebrities.

Note: - The wedding plan can be modified according to one's religion, beliefs or liking.

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