Nature trails and eco-tourism parks have been developed as an attempt to reverse the damage done by territorial encroachment and to recreate a pristine environment. There are several in Rajasthan. The Nahargarh Biological Park has a variety of vegetation and several species of wild beasts. The Jhalana Nature Trail, Arboretum Park, Amrita Devi Park and Machia Safari Park are the other popular ones.

Rajasthan has four famous National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries that offer a fascinating variety of birds and beasts, of flora and fauna and of hilly and forested terrain. These sanctuaries can be explored either by jeep or on elephant back. For those with the spirit for adventure, these sanctuaries provide the kind of excitement that really makes the adrenaline flow.

The Keoladeo Ghana National Park at Bharatpur is a bird sanctuary that is visited, every year, by our feathered friend from distant lands. It is famous for the exotic Spoonbills and Siberian Cranes. The Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary and the Ranthambore National Park are tiger reserves and homes to the royal Indian tiger. These destinations have a large variety of other wild species including the wild boar, jackal, sambar and nilgai. The Ranthambore National Park is also a heritage site, as it houses the magnificent ruins of a thousand-year-old fort.

So, get set for a jeep or elephant safari and enjoy a close encounter with the wild beasts and beautiful birds in their natural habitat. A trip to these wildlife sanctuaries is highly recommended for animal and adventure lovers.

The camels, better known as the "Ship of the desert," is the lifeline for the desert people, whose major mode of transportation depends on camels only. The adventure trip inside the Thar desert is one which is hard to forget the whole life. Beside the blurry, savage and extreme reflection of the desert lies the adventure of exploring the sandy landscape and passage through remote villages. The same desert experience can be had in the Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

To explore the eccentricities of Rajasthan on the back of the best guide - the Camel, one can go for a short safari through a typical Rajasthani village or a long-distance expedition lasting a few days. The best times for travelling are the cooler parts of the day, the mornings and evenings.

The sea of yellow shimmering sand gives the barren land an extraordinary look. Close to the village one can see herds of cattle and sheep roaming around carelessly and children trotting off to school while their mothers prepare their meal on a dung-fire. The taste of the authentic Rajasthani food is great, and the hospitable men and women are at the service of their guests, eager to fulfill every request.

Places of Camel Safari in India

Bikaner : An early morning tour of Bikaner give the travellers ample oppurtunities to visit the Sandeswar & Bandeswari Temple. After this, they can straight way head toward safari point via Desnoka, the famous Rat Temple dedicated to Karni Mata.

Camel Safari in Bikaner Belt

Bikaner - Deshnoke - Jangju - Densar i- Sansi - Kajura - Pitharia - Chakoo - Mangli ki Dhani – Chimna - Jamba 

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Hot Air Ballooning is a once in a lifetime experience that gives you the opportunity to float gently over forts, palaces, scattered mountain ranges. You fly with India’s first fully licensed and approved Hot Air Balloon company, that offers a very unique & amazing Balloon Safari experience with highly experienced international pilots. You get the chance to watch the spectacle of the balloon being inflated.

Usually 2 hours after dawn and around 2 hours before dusk, as this is when the winds are most stable. Times could vary throughout the year, but primarily the meeting times are around 5.30 AM and 4:00 PM. Morning flights have a lesser chance of cancellation as compared to the ones in the evening.

The whole experience takes about 3 hours,and the time in the air is close to an hour. Balloons fly at different heights, depending on the weather and the topography of the area. We fly up to 1,200 feet high. Guests' safety is our primary concern. Hot Air Ballooning is weather a dependant activity, Even though weather conditions in India are idyllic, we will inform the guests if the weather is unsuitable. A standard flight would have 4 - 8 persons. Children ages 5 years and above and who are more than 1.5 m tall are allowed and there is no upper age limit. One must be fit enough to stand for at least an hour. Pregnant ladies are not permitted.

It is such an experience that can't easily be put in words. The entire process, right from watching the balloon being inflated to taking off and viewing all those majestic landscapes, is mesmerising. You fly over the forts, craggy mountains, green plains and villages but the most regular and the magnificent view is of people, particularly the children running after the balloon and the ladies dressed in colourful Rajasthani clothes.