Village : Motisar, Tehsil : Ganhera, Pushkar Dist. Ajmer : 305022, Rajasthan

  • Aaram Bagh
  • Aaram Bagh
  • Aaram Bagh
  • Aaram Bagh
  • Aaram Bagh

The Aaram Baagh derived from "Garden of Rest" or "Pleasure Garden", which was associated with former Maharajas or Royal Families in the gist that it was used for relaxing and keeping off from Royal duties by the former Rajas and Maharajas with their Maharanis during the princely era. At times to keep off from royal duties, the erstwhile Maharajas along with their Ranis use to visit outskirts of the town to spend time alone in a peaceful place for relaxation, recreation and enjoyment, which was said to be Aaram Baagh. In the Aaram Baagh, the bygone era royal families use to relish natural beauties, beautiful surroundings, thrilling view of lush green garden, sun rise & sun set in royal comfort. With this back drop Pachar group has come up with Aaram Baagh in Pushkar.

Pachar Group offers the guests, who prefer to bask in the royal charm of Indian Maharajas and Maharani's, which not only symbolize comfort and luxury but also reflects upon Royal Style of living. Though times have changed and winds have shifted Aaram Baagh Pushkar brings royal style, the kind only the Maharajas and Maharanis of yesteryears could have relished and enjoyed.
Aaram Baagh Pushkar is situated in the foothills of the Aravali hills near Goddess Savitri Temple at a height of 100 feet above the rest of the surroundings & provides 360 deg. of panoramic view of mountains, sand dunes, and lush green valleys covered with regional vegetation. It is located on the out skirts of town in a pollution free & eco friendly environment.
The scenic view of Aaram Baagh Pushkar changes every hour from dawn to dusk and the wonderful clear celestial starry night makes one feel nearer to heaven. The luxurious suites are an amalgamation of personal house, luxury lodge and tent erected in sand dunes.


Room Type:
Arabian Court –

Most Arabia which for several millenniums was a more desert; thanks to the discovery of large deposits of petroleum that it has changed into a modern country. To dream into the past how their ancestors lived a nomadic life in tents and how wind tower were made to cool those tents, this court and villas have been designed. Arabs when they came to India as Mughals brought their architecture of long fountain gardens as is there in front of Taj-Mahal Agra has been depicted here.
Each villas has a wooden flooring, attached plunge pool, and a private garden.
At the western extreme is a Baradari which was dismantled and reassembled here with original Carved stone arches sitting here and watching the changing scenario as also the rising and setting sun is life time experience.
Egyptian Court –
Egyptian court shows in detail, how the great Pharaoh built the pyramids some 5000 years ago and how civilization developed along the banks of River Nile, showing in detail sphinxes, obelisks, Egyptian gods and it history and how some 1000 years ago all this vanished under the blowing sand only to be unearthed by Nepolian's team of explores and historians about 200 years ago. Two out of seven wonders of world which existed in this area are shown in detail.
Persian Court –
Persian court shows how the civilisation was born in Mesopotamia about 5000 years ago and how it developed along the banks of River Tigris and Euphrates, being ruled successively by Sumerians, Assyrians, Babylonians and finally followed by Persians. How the world's main 3 religions Christianity, Islam and Zoroatrianism were born in this region. 3 out of seven wonders of ancient world were built in this region.



  • Ayuverdic Massage
  • Plunge pool attached with every suite.
  • Fantabulous Sunset Point
  • Audio Visuals
  • Camp Fire
  • Cultural Programs on demand.
  • Car rental
  • Arranged parking facility
  • Doctor on call
  • Laundry
  • Postal Services

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