The name Jaisalmer evokes utter magic and vibrancy of the desert. It’s straight out of an Arabian Nights fable. The hostile terrain notwithstanding the warmth and colour of people is simply overwhelming. One of the main draws is the daunting 12th century Jaisalmer Fort. The beautiful havelis which were built by wealthy merchants of Jaisalmer are yet another interesting aspect of the desert city. And you can let your eyes caress the sloping sand dunes while you ramble your way in a camel safari. The desert citadel is truly a golden fantasy in the Thar Desert. Bhati Rajput ruler Rawal Jaisal, after whom the city finds its name, founded Jaisalmer in 1156 AD.


    Air:the nearest airport at Jodhpur (300 km)

    Train: Jaisalmer is connected by rail with Jodhpur and Delhi which in turn is connected to major cities and towns in India.

    Road: Jaisalmer is connected by motorable roads with Ajmer 513 km,Barmer 153 km,Bikaner 330 km,Delhi 897 km,Jaipur 638 km,Jodhpur 290 km,Mt. Abu 572 km, via Jodhpur and 440 km via Barmer,Udaipur 563 km


    Your Jaisalmer trip would be incomplete if you don't buy some typical Jaisalmer goods as souvenirs for your near and dear ones. A number of traditional Rajasthani handicrafts are available in Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is famous for embroidery, Rajasthani mirror work, rugs, blankets, antiques and old stonework. There are lots of shops but try to venture in government owned and operated ones. This will save you extra dollars that would have gone in the pockets of guides in the form of commission. If you want to buy fabrics such as Tie-dye and other fabrics, try the government operated Khadi Gramuddyog Bhavan.

    Bhatia Bazaar: Bhatia Bazaar is a popular bazaar of Jaisalmer where huge range of unique items is found. The bazaar is famous for bringing out the old charm of Jaisalmer. Some of the most popular items found in the Bhatia Bazaar include wallets, tapestry, cotton textiles, silk textiles, table cloths,oil lamps, belts and many more. While shopping in Bhatia Bazaar, the tourists must know how to bargain. Over the years, Bhatia Bazaar is flock by a large number of tourists for its diversity of the products available.

    Sadar Bazaar: Sadar Bazaar is not only known for a favorite place to shop but also for reflecting the flavor of Rajasthan. Sadar Bazaar of Jaisalmer is known among the tourists for being the place where both the traditional and contemporary items are sold. The bazaar covers a wide area and some of the popular products found here include; blankets, antiques, embroidery, puppets, tapestry, carpets and more. The shopkeepers like other shopping areas of Jaisalmer are known for setting high prices of items. However, if the tourists know the art of bargaining, they can get the best buy.

    Some other popular shopping areas of Jaisalmer are Manak Chowk, Sonaron ka Bass, Gandhi Darshan, Pansari Bazar, Seema Gram, Khadi Gramudyog Emporium and Rajasthani Government shop.


    The city of Jaisalmer has a rich cultural heritage and thus it boasts of a rich cuisine as well. The western part of India has a distinct food culture of its own and it is very different from the other Indian cuisines. If you have done with the oily and sticky dishes they serve in Delhi, try murgh-e-subz. The murgh-e-subz - succulent, boneless strips of chicken stir-fried with shredded vegetables -- is one not to miss. There are other options for non-vegetarians too. Alternatively, you can try the ker sangri (desert beans and capers), which is unique to a region that is traditionally vegetarian in its outlook. If you find your stomach to be very sensitive then its better you try kadi pakora; flour dumplings cooked in yogurt sauce, or bhanon aloo, potatoes stuffed with mint paste and simmered in gravy. All of it washed down with the coldest beers and beverages available in the state.

    As far as fast food joints are concerned, Jaisalmer has lots of them. Famous Indian fast-food chain such as Nirula's has already made its presence felt in the city. Other major fast foods joints such as Pizza Hut, Pizza Corner and Mc. Donald's etc have also opened their outlets in the city.

    Trio Restaurant : Situated on a rooftop right next to the famous royal residence Mandir Palace, this is an excellent place to sample some delicious multi-cuisine fare. An added bonus is the spectacular view of the Jaisalmer Fort, all lit up at night, from here.

    Recommended DishesTandoori thali Chicken kebabs. Location : Gandhi Chowk, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

    Chokhi Dhani in Jaisalmer: If you wish to try the authentic Rajasthani flavour, go to the Chokhi Dhani, an excellent place to try some of the most tasteful preparations from the Rajasthani cuisine. The entire establishment has a Rajasthani village feel to it, and you can enjoy several recreational activities including magic shows, folk dances, camel and elephant rides before the elaborate meal is served to you.

    Recommended Dishes Sangri Gatte ki sabziBajre ki rotiLehsun chutney. Location : Kanoj Village, Near Sand Dune, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.